Welcome to Eden Clinic Online

Whether you have a chronic or an acute health issue or just want to lose weight.
A Holistic health consultation is an opportunity to discover a new way to do you.

It can be challenging, fun, inspiring and even life changing.

Step into your health journey today book a health consultation with Libby George.

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Welcome to Eden Clinic Online

Welcome to Eden Clinic Online

I am a holistic health coach and a registered health practitioner trained in traditional Chinese medicine, with 25 years of clinical experience. I offer a range of health coaching consultations and on-line wellbeing programmes.

My passion is medicine food and gut health-supporting immunity.

I am here for you during this unique time.

If you would like a Health Consultation book HERE to schedule your appointment.

Consultations are supported with Practitioner only alternative medicine from the Metagenics range. We deliver to you at your home following a prescription and health consultation.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Don’t go it alone I’m here to support you.

Kindest Regards,

Libby George

Registered Holistic Health Practitioner
25 years experience